Frank Barrows Award for Excellence in Student Journalism Nomination Form

The Frank Barrows Award for Excellence in Student Journalism recognizes the accomplishments of a collegiate journalist or newsroom at a North Carolina university (public or private) whose work exemplifies the vital role of open meetings, public records, and press access in public life.

The award honors the memory of Frank C. Barrows, former managing editor of the Charlotte Observer and one of the founding members of the North Carolina Open Government Coalition. Mr. Barrows’ work changed the lives of North Carolinians for the better. To quote those who knew him best, “He championed the vital role newspapers play in our democracy: to connect people to their community and offer accurate and reliable information, and to do those things in a fair-minded and thoughtful way with craftsmanship so high it becomes art.” 

The award includes a cash prize, made possible by Mary Newsom, Mr. Barrows’ surviving spouse, and the Sunshine Center’s generous sustaining members.

Required materials:

  • Project narrative — A description of the project (no more than 500 words) explaining how the project tells a meaningful story about a matter of public significance to North Carolina residents using the NC Public Records Law or the NC Open Meetings Law. To be eligible, the work must have been published during the preceding calendar year. Individual and collaborative stories are eligible for the Barrows Award.
  • Project sample — Please include a working link in the application materials to the project submitted for consideration. For serial or multi-part stories, please limit links to the two most significant examples of the work.

To be considered for this award, please submit the following form by February 1, 2024. The winner will be announced at the annual NC News & Information Summit during Sunshine Week.

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